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    Solar Stories: Ian and Danielle

    Meet Ian and Danielle, Chico homeowners who chose high-efficiency SunPower® panels for their first home.
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    Evan's Furniture

    Meet Harry Swinney, who chose local solar integrator, AES, to install solar on his business in Yuba City at Evan's Furniture.


"We cannot say enough positive things about our experience with AES..."

"We did a lot of research about solar panel construction types by the various manufacturers and after reviewing their track records and warranties we settled on Sun Power panels. Although we are in the Redding area we chose the Sun Power dealer, Alternative Energy Systems, in Chico based on recommendations from friends that have used them.

We cannot say enough positive things about our experience with AES from our initial visit to their show-room in Chico to the final walk-through after our system was up and running. Instead of experiencing a sales pitch when we visited the showroom we had a very informative discussion regarding the various options regarding size, configuration, and benefits. If anything we felt their estimate of "time to pay-off" was very conservative based on PG&E's track record of rate increases. Once we decided to proceed we were contacted by a project manager, who explained the entire installation process and time line. Throughout the installation process she kept us updated and shepherded the paperwork through the county for permitting and PG&E for approval. She also set up convenient times for the work crews to install the panels and all electrical connections to our main service panel. The crews that did the work were fantastic; they were prompt and courteous and their work was top notch. I was truly impressed with their attention to detail; something that I have not seen with other company's installs that we looked at. Once the installation was complete AES had a "solar coach" come to our house to explain how to monitor our system in terms of energy production and how to monitor our PG&E account including a discussion of how PG&E's net metering and annual "true-up" process worked. Bottom line AES has great folks that do fantastic work."

- Homeowner Don K., Redding, CA

"Good for the city budget and good for the environment."

“The City Council and staff are pleased to be investing in solar energy to offset a large portion of the necessary power consumption at city facilities. This is good for the city budget, and good for the environment.”

- Peter Carr, Orland City Manager, Orland, CA

"If I thought that professionalism and friendliness would evaporate, once the contract was signed, I was sorely disappointed."

"It took me three years to find a solar company that I felt comfortable with, which included passing on a good friend who is in the solar industry. When I finally pulled the trigger it was with SunPower by Alternative Energy Systems in Chico (yes, their name IS too long). I am that PIA customer that all salespersons dread. However, Chad took that in stride and was extremely patient and understanding with all my questions and concerns. He was so easygoing and low key I'm not rightly sure he can be called a salesman but salesman he is and a damn fine one at that.

If I thought that professionalism and friendliness would evaporate, once the contract was signed, I was sorely disappointed. The installation crew and electricians exemplified the highest standards of their profession. Not only were they punctual, efficient and quick, but they also cleaned my gutters and helped my wife charge her car battery. My only regret was not having a longer list of chores for them.

Because of the construction of my home (log cabin) I didn't want to ruin the aesthetics with a bunch of conduit, junction boxes and other unpleasantness associated with typical solar installation. Not a problem. The boys ran everything through attics and duct chases like little sneaky little ninjas! I don't think the bats or mice even noticed. If there weren't solar panels on the roof you'd never know anything happened and that included wiring in a backup generator.

I'd continue gushing with this review but I need to go outside and admire my glorious new solar array while mocking the PG&E trucks driving by."

- Homeowner Sam C., Oroville, CA

"They were fast, friendly, knowledgeable and professional throughout the process."

"We were very pleased with the team at SunPower throughout the process. From the initial consultation to the final walk through, the entire process was easy and professional. They were incredibly fast with their install too as it allowed us to receive our tax credit on this year's instead of needing to wait until next year."

- Homeowner Jody B., Anderson, CA

"Overall, this project gets top marks."

"Definite savings in my PGE bill. They enabled me to secure funding for the project. The sales and installation staff were professional, courteous, and competent. Not being an engineer, I could benefit by more in-depth knowledge regarding how to understand the system's operation and displays. Overall, this project gets top marks."

- Homeowner Dana V., Yuba City, CA

"Props to AES!"

"AES just finished installing our SunPower panels and we heartily recommend them to anyone thinking about solar panels on their home. They were professional and knowledgeable throughout the process and all their staff were courteous and great to work with. We especially like the software that allows us to monitor the performance of the panels on our smartphone and computer. Props to AES!"

- Homeowner Lee H., Chico, CA

"Never satisfied with just being good"

"AES did a fantastic job from start to finish. They have knowledge of the SunPower product and know what they are doing. They have the same type of business ethics as SunPower. They strive to be better and are never satisfied with just being good."

- Homeowner Leighton Z., Chico, CA

"Courteous and competent"

“Definite savings in my PG&E bill. They enabled me to secure funding for the project. The sales and installation staff were professional, courteous, and competent.”

- Homeowner Dana V., Brownsville, CA

"Knowledgeable and communicative"

“Alternative Energy Systems personnel were knowledgeable & communicative regarding the product, process and time lines. They were friendly and helpful, quickly responding to questions and concerns.”

- Homeowner James B., Chico, CA

"Excellent business"

“After reading such positive reviews we went with SunPower and [we’re] glad we did. Excellent business. Such professionalism, promptness and pleasant people to work with.”

- Homeowner Brad H., Chico, CA

“Our Representative Jenny Johnson was amazing..."

“...always checking in and there very fast anytime I sent a text. The installers were great hard works very nice and even put up with my crazy boxer, Porscha, who liked to be right by their side at potty break time for her to supervise.”

- Homeowner Jack S., Yuba City, CA

“Fast response after initial call. Very friendly and thorough."

"Good follow through - Brian helped with completion of all forms. [The panels are] functioning well. Looks nice on barn roof. I like the usage app and website to track power.”

- Homeowner Bob M., Orland, CA

"The finished product is a fine example of proper installation of conduit, distribution panel, and monitoring equipment."

“Your Team kept me fully informed of each step during the entire process. Appointments were kept or updated as needed for both initial survey, and the two phases of installation. The roof mounting, along with roof penetrations was expertly done and very clean. We have had two heavy rain storms since finishing the project and there have been no roof leaks or any other problems associated with the installation. The electricians were well qualified and performance quality of installation was outstanding. The finished product is a fine example of proper installation of conduit, distribution panel, and monitoring equipment. Electricians were very friendly, explaining each step during installation and cleaned up their work area at the end of each day. Would highly recommend your product and crew to anyone considering a solar system.”

- Homeowner Stan H., Oroville, CA

"I couldn't be happier with the AES team."

"From the first consult to the completed install, it’s gone great. Their team, run by Mischa (PM), Elizabeth (Project Coordinator) and the installers (Carlos, David, Mike and Justin) have done a fantastic job on communication of status, upcoming items, clean installation (detailed, hard workers) etc... I am extremely happy that we went with them on this install.”

- Homeowner Bill J., Magalia, CA

"Excellent customer service..."

“Excellent customer service through every phase including sale and install.”

- Homeowner Steve S., Yuba City, CA

“Everyone at SunPower [by Alternative Energy Systems] is extremely professional, polite, knowledgeable, and experienced. "

"They take the time to explain the product to their customers. Appts. were always on time and they cleaned up after the job. We are very happy with our solar panels.”

- Homeowner Angelique C., Chico, CA

"Highly recommended.”

“Everyone we dealt with was courteous, friendly, professional and seemed to be genuinely interested in meeting our needs and expectations. This is a rarity these days."

- Homeowner Quentin N., Chico, CA

“AES was a great company to work with! Very friendly and reliable!"

"This team communicates and comes through with what they promise!"

- Homeowner Ruel O., Chico, CA

“SunPower [by Alternative Energy Systems] has been efficient, accurate, and easy to work with.

"Our system has performed above expectations, and we were able to enjoy the summer even in the midst of the heat wave. Kudos.”

- Homeowner Sue K., Chico, CA

“All the workers are nice and do an efficient job.”

- Homeowner Sue P., Paradise, CA

“They communicated well and gave us clear options for our situation.”

- Homeowner Dan S., Yuba City, CA

“I liked that everything was just as they said it would be.”

“I liked that everything was just as they said it would be. They also kept us up to date on all phases of project.”

- Homeowner Kim B., Chico, CA

“Trustworthy and efficient.”

“Trustworthy and efficient. Best or better warranty than most other panels.”

- Homeowner Walter L., Chico, CA

“Easy to work with and very friendly employees!!"

“Easy to work with and very friendly employees!! Ian was so good to us in helping us get started.”

- Homeowner Meg M., Paradise, CA

“Great experience, beginning to end."

"Sales rep Scott Huber was low pressure, knowledgeable, installers professional and polite.”

- Homeowner Don N., Oroville, CA

“I am happy with my experience and the service provided."

“I am happy with my experience and the service provided. I also would get a $500 referral credit for each person who install.”

- Homeowner Daniele J., Red Bluff, CA

"Very accommodating, excellent service.”

“I'm using SunPower by Alternative Energy Systems for my solar work. They did the work for my sister and brother-in-law, who are exceptionally satisfied. Jim is account person; Elizabeth is project manager.

- Homeowner Patricia E., Chico, CA

“Fantastic staff and great information follow up."

"Abby in the Chico office was off the hook and always kept us up to date on our next step.”

- Homeowner Scott S., Oroville, CA

“This was a good experience from start to finish"

“This was a good experience from start to finish and easy to do.”

- Homeowner James P., Orland, CA

“Great service!"

“Great service! Salesperson was great. His name was Ian.”

- Homeowner Pam W., Chico, CA

“Excellent staff, streamlined process."

“Excellent staff, streamlined process. No hiccups. Reasonable price. Helpful and responsive.”

- Homeowner Eric J., Durham, CA

“Of all the quotes I received SunPower [by Alternative Energy Systems] required the fewest panels."

“Of all the quotes I received SunPower [by Alternative Energy Systems] required the fewest panels. Wonderful people to deal with.”

- Homeowner Kevin S., Chico, CA

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