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Your Solar Benefits Are Being Threatened

Your solar benefits are being threatened. Please, send the letter below to your local Assemblyman and Senator.

“Dear Assembly Member (Or Senator) ____,
I am writing to you because I am extremely concerned about the security of solar within our district. The proposed change in how the utility companies treat solar companies, and solar users, will greatly affect not only the current job growth but more importantly consumer choice. Solar provides an alternate, greener option. We urge you to talk to the Speaker to work with us on a legislative fix to save rooftop solar.
Thank you for your time. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Include Your Name Here”

1) Click here to find your local Assemblyman:FindYourRep.Legislature.CA.GOV
2) Find your Assemblyman, click on their name and access their online “contact me” email form.
3) From their website, enter your name and the address you used to find your local Assemblyman.
4) Insert the letter above, in quotations, by copying and pasting. Two options to copy and paste:
a) Select/Highlight text desired, hold Ctrl + “C”, to copy & hold CTRL + “V”, to paste;
b) Select/Highlight text desired, Right click your mouse – Select Copy & Go to Email Form, Right click your mouse – Select Paste)