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Streamlined Permit Process Makes Solar Easier for CA Residents

Although California is the nation’s leader in solar power usage, many residents and business owners experience delays in switching to solar due to lengthy and confusing permitting processes. With a new state law, however, countless communities throughout California have streamlined the process for small residential solar system installations – some of the state’s biggest cities are signing of on hundreds of major solar projects each month.

San Jose, for example, has experienced a nearly 600% increase in solar permit review and approvals with more than 4,000 new solar projects since initiating the streamlined process last August, according to an article by Inside Climate News. The previous year, San Jose had approved only 661 solar projects. Solar bill AB 2188, referred to as “The Expedited Solar Permitting” Act, gave cities and counties in California the opportunity to establish a new process for faster permitting for residential solar systems of 10 kilowatts or smaller.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average house in California uses about 6,700 kWh of electricity a year. A 10 kWh solar system would be more than enough to cover the energy needs of an average home in the state. The new streamlined process has also cut some of the costs associated with installing systems, making solar energy accessible for homeowners and business owners.

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