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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Solar Company

If you’ve decided to make the switch to solar, there are a few things you should make sure of before going forward in the process. It’s likely you have several questions regarding quotes, estimates, warranties, and leasing options. In this blog, we discuss what you should ask before choosing a solar installation company.

Are quotes or estimates offered?

Any financial decision requires a fair amount of thought and consideration. When sitting down with a solar installation company, be sure you give them enough information about your energy needs so they can give you a more accurate picture of what the costs will involve on your end. It’s also important to remember the difference between a quote or estimate – a quote is a fixed price offer, while an estimate is an educated guess as to what the job may cost.

Is the service backed by guarantees and warranties?

You have every right to expect the job to be done properly and efficiently, but no one can tell what the future holds. Any wear-and-tear or malfunction that happens after it is installed will require maintenance, and you want make sure there is some warranty – if not, you may be left to shoulder the financial burden of repairing the entire panel.

Are there financing options?

You may not be able to pay for the entire installation in full, which is why some companies have a variety of financing options. Solar installation companies will sometimes offer loans or leases that can be paid off in increments with reasonable monthly payments.

At SunPower by Alternative Energy Systems, our team is proud to make solar affordable for homeowners and business owners. We offer convenient financing options, and our services are backed by a 25 year warranty for monitoring, repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance.

Our North Valley solar installation company can help you make the switch to solar. Call us at (855) 419-1488 or contact us online to request your free estimate!