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5 Solar Panel Myths

There are a number of myths that have stigmatized solar panels as being cumbersome and ineffective. The truth, however, shows that switching to solar can bring a number of benefits into your daily life. In this blog, we debunk some of the myths surrounding solar panel installation.

Myth #1: Solar Doesn’t Work in Cloudy Climates

Even in cloudy and foggy climates, your solar panels will still work and produce a significant amount of energy. If solar panels didn’t work in adverse climates, we wouldn’t see them in colder and cloudier cities such as San Francisco and Seattle.

Myth #2: It Requires Too Much Maintenance

Once solar panels are installed, there aren't any moving parts that require constant upkeep and you do not need to tend to them on a regular basis. Panel installation companies will often suggest you hose off your panels once a year, but many residents rely on the rain to do that for them.

Myth #3: The Panels Will Look Ugly

As homeowners become more and more conscious of their impact on the environment, there has been a spike in solar panel installations. The solar panels we are familiar with today have a design that is sleek, cutting-edge, and non-reflective. The perception that solar panels are an eye-sore are a thing of the past. Once you switch over to solar, you’ll be able to see how innovative your home looks.

Myth #4: Solar is Too Expensive

One of the biggest myths is the perception that switching to solar is solely for the wealthy elite or dedicated environmentalists. When you think about how much you’re currently paying for monthly electricity, and then estimate how much you’ll save by switching to solar, the answer is easy. Switching over to solar can protect your wallet from constantly fluctuating energy costs and, in some cases, offer a variety of tax incentives.

Myth #5: The Panels Will Damage My Roof

If properly installed, solar panels should not damage your roof. In fact, solar panels can offer protection to the part of the roof that is covered from extreme weather conditions. When discussing logistics of your solar panel installation, voice your concerns regarding roof damage. Instead of being mounted directly on the roof, some solar panels are placed on a railing that is attached to the roof of your house.

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