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  • The Importance of NABCEP Certified Professionals

    All industries develop special certifications to ensure its employees have a thorough knowledge of the tools of their trade. At SunPower by Alternative Energy Systems , we place high value on the comprehensive set of skills required for designing solar energy systems to meet customer needs, and we take pride in the knowledge and expertise of our team. Earning a professional certification through ...
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  • Klean Kanteen- Alternative Energy Systems

    Project : Klean Kanteen, Chico, CA Type of business : Reusable Stainless Steel Beverage and Food Containers AES Co-Owner Lance McClung and Commercial Account Manager Brian Aguiar Where in install process : Roof array installed Drone footage of Klean Kanteen’s SunPower solar roof array Unique to this project : Klean Kanteen leases their facility off Skyway, having moved to their current location in ...
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  • Eclipse 2017 -- We're Sun Partners with Do One Thing For The Sun

    Eclipse 2017 -- We’re Sun Partners with Do One Thing For The Sun At SunPower by Alternative Energy Systems, we care about people’s energy needs being met. We’ve “Sun Partnered” with the California Public Utilities Commission, supporting their initiative to inform California residents about the steps they can take to help ensure a smooth energy transition during the eclipse. August ...
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  • What Makes the Solar Eclipse a Big Deal in California?

    Have you heard about the upcoming total solar eclipse? People in California are starting to gear up for this event, due to happen August 21, 2017. While Californians won’t be experiencing a total eclipse, enough sun energy will be blocked during the event that the state’s solar production is predicted to plummet. Energy officials and utilities have been planning what they’ll need to do to ensure ...
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  • Solar Panels Lower Your Rooftop Temperature!

    Installing solar panels is an obvious boost to your energy efficiency. Generating electricity directly from the sun that beats down on your roof every day can dramatically reduce your dependence on other types of electricity generation, even possibly eliminating it entirely. And there are even more benefits as well: solar panels have been shown to keep your roof cool by providing shade during ...
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  • New Earth Yuba City

    Tim Hamor (AES co-owner), Victor Krambo (AES), Kellie Cotter (New Earth Market owner), Kevin Cotter (New Earth Market owner), Amber Ruz (AES), Lance McClung (AES co-owner) Project: New Earth Market, Yuba City, CA Type of business: Specialty Grocery Store/Natural Foods Market Where in install process: Roof array installed, shade structures starting in June Unique to this project: New Earth Market ...
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  • Sizing Up Solar Energy

    Maybe you really want to go solar but have hit the wall with internet research. Or you’re just dipping your toe in to get a feel for what you’ll need to harness some of that North Valley solar energy to power your home. Unless you’re a complete off-the-grid sort and a bit of a pro when it comes to DIY, your best bet is to speak with a solar expert in person, because they have years of experience ...
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  • Going Solar? Learn How To Pay For Your System - Buy, Lease, or PPA

    As much as you might want to, you can’t go solar overnight. However some companies make it seem you can, offering simple-sounding options to pay for the system. Since going solar is a long-term investment , I thought I’d lay out the three different methods typically offered, so you can be informed when you sit down with a salesperson. Photo above: Ian Harck, Solar Design Consultant with clients at ...
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  • Seasons and Solar Energy

    SunPower® by Alternative Energy Systems serves the North Valley region of California, known for its hot summers and unpredictable winters. Despite the fact this part of the state typically enjoys mostly sunny days, you may want to know how solar systems respond to the rest of the region’s seasons. A common misconception involves the belief that winter weather makes it harder to collect energy with ...
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