• Potential Savings Are Okay

    Decent! You may not save a huge amount of money, but switching to solar can still reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more today.

  • Potential Savings Are Acceptable

    Fair! Solar can help you in the long term based on your monthly budget. The more your spend, the more you’ll save.

  • Potential Savings Are Average

    Good! Solar energy can save you from huge monthly utility bills and help keep you from debt. Get more details today.

  • Potential Savings Are Significant

    Great! Your household is ideal for solar energy. You can start saving today when you call SunPower® by Alternative Energy Systems.

  • Potential Savings Are Superb

    Excellent! Your potential savings are high, don’t miss out on the great incentives renewable energy offers. Switch to solar today!

  • Potential Savings Are Exceptional

    Outstanding! You have high utility costs but we can help you fix that. Solar energy can take the burden of high prices off your shoulders.

How We Estimate Your Potential Savings

Your areaWe want homeowners to manage their savings and their energy costs more intelligently. We can calculate cost of electricity, or other incentives based on your local zip code.

Your shadeExposure to daylight can change for a number of reasons, including weather, seasons, and shade coverage. Solar panels can be more productive in areas with more sun exposure.

Your monthly billsThe more electricity you use per month, the more you can potentially save by making the change to solar. Now you don’t just see the savings – you can feel it in your pocketbook.

Savings Calculator

How Much Can Our Chico Solar Installation Experts Save You?

Are you thinking about solar energy? Are you unsure about how much it can save your household or business? SunPower® by Alternative Energy Systems price calculator can help you determine how much you can save each month when you reduce or eliminate your dependency on your city’s energy grid. Simply put in your information and view your results!

If you have questions or if you’re ready to get started, call 855.419.1488 to schedule your free estimate today.

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